What we do

From providing environmental compliance advice and resource to the construction industry, to ensuring your business complies with ongoing environmental legislation.

Why environmental compliance matters


The environment is an emotive subject. Society as a whole is moving towards a more sustainable, environmentally-aware future. Anything that damages the environment is viewed negatively. In the modern world of the internet and social media, the impact on reputation can be significant.

Given the drive towards an environmentally-sustainable future, statutory agencies are continually looking for ways to improve how they apply their authority. That includes the introduction of definitive sentencing guidelines for environmental crimes. As they stand, those guidelines are largely based on ability to pay. Which means the bigger the firm, the greater the financial penalty. Agencies are also implementing an increased level of control through permits, registrations and licences. As a result, environmental awareness and compliance is becoming increasingly important.

It is not only a means of protection against punitive action. It’s also a way to stay ahead of competition and maintain a strong reputation for environmental responsibility which, ultimately, leads to greater business success. Our proactive and impartial approach aims to identify and mitigate risk without significantly impacting on your programme or adding substantially to costs. Ultimately, our goal is the same as yours — successful completion of projects while protecting your company’s reputation as a considerate and responsible developer.

Our team


Naturally Compliant Ltd was established to provide environmental compliance advice and resource to the construction industry, rather than to feed into the planning system. As a result, we like to think we approach things slightly differently to our competitors.

  • Our people are all experienced environmental professionals, with significant on-site construction phase experience. We understand construction and the associated environmental risks.
  • We offer consistent advice underpinned by legislation.
  • We will always be proactive in identifying and reporting on risks and trends, with the aim of addressing issues before they lead to non-compliance.
  • Continual improvement is one of our cornerstones, whether that is in the way we operate on site or how we work as a company. We are always looking for ways to provide a more efficient service and add real value to your project.

All our Environmental Consultants are strong environmental generalists. Their joint specialism is in advising on construction site environmental compliance, fulfilling roles such as environmental advisors/managers or environmental/ecological clerk of works, depending on requirements. Because they understand construction processes, they are able to deal with almost any situation that might arise on site. If the need for a specialist consultant arises, we can also supply that to you, helping you manage both your project and its costs.

Identifying risks, avoiding delay


Our aim, always, is to work with you to identify risks before they become issues. We can start that work at the tender stage, reviewing the information provided to identify the key risks involved with the potential project. For ongoing project compliance, depending on the project’s needs, we’ll work with you to create a realistic, relevant management plan that brings together best practice and compliance with environmental legislation. And because we closely monitor emerging best practice, research and changes to legislation as they are released, we can assess the impacts on your projects immediately, helping you educate your teams and improve your works accordingly.