Our services are designed to offer you a complete environmental compliance package. They can be used together or independently to suit your project.

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We offer advice based on information provided to highlight areas of environmental risk that could impact costs and programme, allowing you to make informed decisions in your tender processes.

Discharging conditions

Using our extensive experience in helping developers and principal contractors create project documents/processes to help satisfy/ discharge planning conditions, we help you get the project started.

Consents and licence applications

All developers need to be aware of statutory controls and consents. As this process becomes more involved, we can advise on requirements and help you through the application processes. Environmental consents can have a significant impact on your programme — some, for example, carry a statutory response period of four months.


We offer an Environmental Awareness Course recognised by the Institute of Civil Engineering as an accepted CPD activity. This one-day course is suitable for all on-site personnel, and aims to raise the awareness of general environmental constraints potentially found on a construction site. Topics include water management and pollution control, waste and materials management and ecology. We have also developed a more in-depth training curriculum that offers participants the opportunity to explore particular constraints in more detail than we can provide during a one-day Environmental Awareness event.

Site Environmental Consultants, the foundation of Naturally Compliant Ltd

Whether your requirements are contractual or policy driven, we can provide the on-site expertise you need to achieve environmental compliance through Environmental, Advisory or Auditing Clerk of Works. Here’s how those roles work:

Environmental Advisor/Manager

If your project requires specialist environmental help, an Environmental Advisor/Manager has the experience and knowledge to advise on legislation and appropriate mitigations for any particular constraint. We can provide this service as an integral part of your management structure, or as an independent service offering impartial advice.

Environmental Clerk of Works

The on-site role of an Environmental Clerk of Works is to monitor, report and advise on compliance to project documentation and environmental legislation. Who they monitor for and report to depends on the contractual obligations of the project.

The Association of Environmental and Ecological Clerk of Works (AEECoW) identifies two slightly different roles:

Advisory Environmental Clerk of Work
Advisory Environmental Clerk of Works operate with developers or contractors to provide ongoing proactive advice and support. They monitor compliance, which allows potential issues to be identified and remedied before they become non-compliance. They also help site staff and clients understand the risks and consequences of non-compliance, giving regulators, developers and contractors extra comfort that issues will quickly be resolved.

Auditing Environmental Clerk of Works Auditing
Environmental Clerk of Works monitor compliance with legislation and/or project documentation — they do not provide proactive support. The role normally includes routine visits to the site, reviewing conditions and environmental reports and monitoring compliance with legislation and required mitigation measures. They report any non-compliance to the developer or statutory body, depending on contract requirements.

Ecological Clerk of Works

Our Environmental Clerk of Works are experienced enough to recognise, acknowledge and understand ecological constraints and how to mitigate them. However, on occasion ecological specialists will be required, most often in the form of a licenced ecologist to deal with a particular constraint. Our consultants identify those occasions, and communicate the need for a specialist, avoiding delays to your project.

We also provide post-construction monitoring to meet planning condition requirements or contractual obligations.

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