Wind Farm

Building a major wind farm entails detailed environmental planning. Read here how Naturally Compliant was able to help.

A 96-turbine wind farm with associated infrastructure including 70km of road and c.300km of cable installation. The site was predominantly used for commercial forestry with areas also utilised as grazing for livestock, presenting two different basic habitat types. The project involved numerous watercourse crossings varying from CAR registrations to minor watercourses. The project underwent a full EIA with various documents prepared to discharge conditions including but not limited to, a Construction Environment Management Plan, a peat management plan and a restoration scheme. The project is adjacent to several European designated sites which required sensitive management and continual monitoring. Method statements developed at the planning stage for work activities negated the need for a Habitat Regulations Appraisal.

Advisory Environmental Clerk of Works scope

The advisory environmental clerk of works scope was to inspect and advise on the projects compliance to project documentation and legislation and report to the projects site management teams. Deliverables included a weekly inspection report and tool box talks. The advisory environmental clerk of works also worked closely with the site design team highlighting compliance issues and importantly, advising on how to mitigate these issues. Environmental constraints associated with the project;

  • Water management and pollution control
  • Waste management
  • Protected species
  • Materials management
  • Reinstatement

The advisory environmental clerk of works greatest benefit to the project was to provide specialist advice on how to mitigate potential environmental constraints in line with the project documentation and their experience. The advisory environmental clerk of works also delivered tool box talks to both engineers and contractors, educating the work force of their environmental responsibilities and best practice.