Business Compliance

Whether it is working towards ISO 14001 or environmental permits, Naturally Compliant can provide proactive advice and monitoring to help you reduce your environmental risk and achieve your goals.

Our services

Bespoke service

Many organisations will supply a company with an off-the-shelf template for their Environmental Management System (EMS), However, we do not believe in this approach. Instead, we offer a truly bespoke service that guarantees that the EMS will be fit for purpose and will genuinely improve the environmental performance of your organisation.

Gap analysis

We can undertake a full assessment of the current system and the operations of the organisation to identify any gaps in the current EMS versus the requirements of ISO 14001:2015. Based on the gap analysis, we can provide an implementation plan to make improvements to the existing EMS.

EMS development

We can assist you with achieving the required level of documentation compliance for the ISO standard under implementation. We will ensure that the EMS is optimally designed to ensure that the system does not become complex and document intensive. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all and the EMS will be designed specifically for your organisations’ needs.


To ensure you are achieving the level of compliance for your certification audit, we will effectively implement EMS throughout your organisation. We will deliver training and mentoring where necessary and will undertake a pre-assessment audit to ensure that your company and EMS are ready for certification audit.


We do not currently offer certification services, but we are looking to work towards it if viable Internal Auditing and Continuous Improvement. Many organisations do not fully benefit from their ISO 14001:2015 environmental system audits. This may be due to internal auditors being too familiar with the process and people they are auditing; internal auditors don’t feel they can report true findings or internal auditors may not have sufficient experience to audit the systems effectively.

Naturally Compliant – Environmental waste services

Our independent perspective will assist the organisation to fulfill its internal auditing obligations whilst maximising the potential benefits of the EMS.

Pre-acceptance audits

All producers of Healthcare waste are legally required to provide their waste contractor with pre-acceptance information about the composition of their waste prior to its removal from site. A pre-acceptance audit should be much more than just a simple identification of waste types and should fully assess an organisations waste compliance and should identify areas for improvements and efficiencies including cost savings. Many waste contractors supply a basic online audit form for customer completion however fail to identify all areas of environmental compliance which may leave clinical waste producers liable for enforcement action by SEPA.

Clinical waste pre-acceptance audits

Employees of Naturally Compliant have extensive experience of conducting clinical waste pre-acceptance Audits and have a proven track record in improving customers environmental compliance and identifying significant cost savings. We can offer full or part clinical waste audits undertaken in line with EPR 5.07 and ‘Safe Management of Healthcare Wastes’ in addition to full waste audits covering all waste types produced by the customer.

Unique insight

We are leaders in the field of Environmental Compliance. Employees have experience working for Environment Agency and SEPA and are therefore able to provide a unique insight into regulatory compliance. We pride ourselves on identifying the root cause of licence/permit breaches and providing pragmatic and cost-effective solutions to bring customers back into compliance.

Examples of where we could help:
  • We could give you advice on how to keep your site in compliance – whether your a waste management company, a distillery or a food producer.
  • If you need to provide SEPA/EA with a compliance action plan.
  • If you are looking to independently assess your compliance and pro-actively make improvements.


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