How do you sell Mental Health and Wellbeing, where is the Value?

As a business, our primary goal is to be profitable, it outweighs all other considerations. This is typically reflected in a business’s external literature, which revolves around the products and services that the company offers.

You have the direct marketing material and you have policies. But policies are also a way of selling, they reassure the supply chain that a company meet certain criteria and are therefore fit to do business with. However, we are yet to see a policy requirement for how a company manages mental health and wellbeing. In our own sphere, our experience is that we as consultancies like to promote how technically competent we are and how diligent we are in regard to our physical health and safety.

So, if mental health and wellbeing isn’t a requirement for winning work and you can’t sell it as a product or service, why should companies take an interest?

I guess the answer rests on the individual company and their culture, but it helps to remember that at differing levels, all companies rely on humans.

As a human being, you may be the most technically competent individual in your field but unless you are fit and healthy in all aspects of the phrase you will not be providing 100% value to the company you represent.

Industries across the globe have recognised this and on varying scales have attempted to address their own mental health and wellbeing. Mental health and wellbeing “experts” are paid significant sums to present and promote change within organisations. Some sectors are leading the way while others drag their heels or make token gestures.

So how do you recoup the investment in promoting a positive mental health culture, I guess the proof is in the pudding. As a company, Naturally Compliant may not get everything right but we do try, and we support our staff as much as we can. We believe that this means our colleagues are in a better place to offer industry leading advice consistently, day in day out.

Naturally Compliants own Simon Knott will be presenting at the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management Summer Conference on Mental Health and Wellbeing in July.

Whilst we can’t sell our wellbeing as a product we are certain it adds value.